I have been a sound designer since 1986. During that time I have worked on over 167 productions.  I have worked as a sound technician, consultant, & designer.  I have co-designed many times and have done designs that were workable without being involved in the tech at all.  Being flexible is a strength. I utilize computer programs such as Sound Forge and Vegas to create many of the designs but learned traditional tape editing and recording techniques at Berklee College of Music.  The computer programs allow incredibly quick editing, re-recording and make it possible to preview effects during the tech process.   I have come to utilize this mode whenever possible as it gives the director immediate choices and timings.

I enjoy creating sound effects and making recordings to capture a particular effect or sound.  As in most cases, recording the actual item does not always mean that that sound will work as intended.  It will need to be shaped and previewed in the space it is played in to see if it still works as the intended sound.  During tech, I bring the cues in a mixed audio format, but also bring the individual pieces comprising the cues which are still in digital format.  This way it is easy to recombine, alter lengths, and generally re-create cues on the computer in a matter of minutes.


I have been working doing projection design as well for several shows as is seen on the resume.  Some have used 2d renderings to play back on DVD, most recently have created video that can be played back using watchout. 

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